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About the project

Development of tools to support realtime coordination of the emergency response operations to face challenge of the extreme weather and climate events.

Employ the cutting edge innovative technologies to build a pan-europeans multi-hazard platform for faster analysis and anticipation of the risk prior the vent occurrence, improved coordination of the emergency actions and assist to raise the self-preparedness.

More effective early warning systems and decision support systems, accompanied by tailored online services developed to support self-preparedness, self-protection, and self-response of citizens. Advanced technological innovations to Civil Protection, first responders and emergency authorities supporting them in faster and more effective responses to W&C disasters and emergencies.

Principal objective

The principal objective of ANYWHERE is to enable society as a whole and the main civil protection agencies to respond more rapidly than today to extreme climate and weather events, and to better cope with the high social, environmental and economic impacts related to these extremes.

Pan-European platform

The Project will establish a pan-European platform on extreme climate risks that will enable to identify, in a number of geographic regions, critical situations that could lead to loss of life and economic damages. Such early-warning should enable to improve protection measures and, in case of catastrophic situations, ameliorate the coordination of rescue operations.

Support decision making

The platform will therefore serve as decision-making tool for various authorities when faced with a situation of crisis, and will provide state-of-the-art early warning systems to help exposed populations avert disaster.