Anywhere supports the development of new tools or services to enhance self preparednes and protection. During the project, the partners therefore considered good practices and derived tools and guidelines to assist with self preparednes and protection and to open up new opportunities and enable new developments. Accordingly, the following guidelines regard regulations, laws and rights, especially focussing on data protection and ethics, but also detail possibilites to use current technology and modern, social-media enabled strategies, such as crowdsourcing and social communication. Finally, the guidelines also explain business models and their basics, while especially focussing on potential business models for self preparednes and protection and their implementation.

No. Title Author Date Source
01 Disaster Response: Guidelines for Establishing Effective Collaboration between Mobile Network Operators and Government Agencies GSMA 2012
02 Communications Plan and Media Guidelines Red Wing 2015
03 Guidelines on Cooperation between the United Nations and the Business Sector 2009
04 ICCA publishes guidelines on crisis management for associations ICCA 2015
Corporate social responsibility – voluntary guidelines Ministry of Corporate Affairs – Governement of India 2009
06 Business Continuity Planning Guidelines Texas Department of Information Resources 2004
07 Business Continuity Guidelines – Strategies and Responses for Surviving Critical Incidents Cabinet Office, Government of Japan 2014
08 Business Continuity Planning Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council 2003
09 Building a Business Continuity Plan – Guidelines for preparation of your plan AIG Europe 2013